Timers & Controls

Relay and solid state timers, sensors and controls, complex microprocessors and custom designs



Circuit Protectors

Circuit protectors, breakers, fuse holders and sockets



DIN Rail Timers & Controls

Timers, voltage and phase monitors, current sensors and relays with DIN rail mountings

Stk Electronics

STK Electronics

Film Capacitors

Polypropeylene, polyester & motor run film capacitors in various capicitance ranges and case types



Flexible Test Connectors

Single-contact flexible connectors for tight locations and repeated use



Electronic Manufacturing Services

PCB Assembly, Cable and Wire Harnesses, Electronic Engineering Services

Single Source Advantage

The Pelco Promise

Extensive component lines with the promise of quality, service, value and trust, across the board. Pelco Component Technologies is the best source for many components and many customers.

What does the Pelco Promise mean for you?

Rapid Response

For estimates, engineering or support, you’ll always hear from a real person who understands our products and your needs

Custom Solutions

From detailed specs on catalog items to complex controls designed to order, our representatives and engineers get it right and get it done

Product Integrity

Agency approvals, RoHS compatibility, operational testing, and warrantees backed up by five decades of customer satisfaction

Reliable Support

Service at the highest level each and every time. Buyers, engineers and distributors give us rave reviews and the highest praise: repeat business

Recent Blog Postings

The Pelco Pulse

Featured Product: Peltec 182 Timer

Featured Product: Peltec 182 Timer

Putting Power to Work with the Peltec 182 True Off Delay Timer: FThe Pelco 182 timer is applied in various commercial and industrial kitchen applications. In a busy and hot environment under hood ...

Design-2-Part Trade Show, September 27th & 28th

Design-2-Part Trade Show, September 27th & 28th

We'd like to invite you to come visit us at the Design-2-Part Show at the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Marlborough, MA, September 27th & 28th at booth 412. We will be displaying a wide variety o ...

Featured Product: TGKAD Repeat Cycle Timer

Featured Product: TGKAD Repeat Cycle Timer

Putting Power to Work with the TGKAD Repeat Cycle Timer in Commercial Floor Cleaners. For motors used to shake filters, check out the Airotronics Repeat Cycle timers. The motor is turned on when a ...

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Why Pick Pelco?

As your single source for multiple lines with extensive options and custom solutions, Pelco Component Technologies is Putting Power to Work

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I know you will do what you say and that you have the expertise to do it!

Your engineers work closely with us to develop the products we need.

Your people are very good at what they do and they do it right.

Engineering assistance, plus...Quick prototypes. Proven ability to custom design. Help if problems occur.

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